Take a peek at 4 outdoor wedding venue decoration concepts that you can try

Take a peek at 4 outdoor wedding venue decoration concepts that you can try

Each couple generally has a description of their dream wedding party, from the place to the concept they want to carry. Even today, having outdoor weddings on the Island of the Gods is becoming a trend in itself. Here are some unique decoration concept ideas that can be applied at Wedding venue bali.

Attractive Outdoor Wedding Decoration Concept

1. Complete Luxury

For some people, a luxurious wedding concept like being in the ball room of a star hotel is a dream. It turns out that you can also apply this concept when implementing outdoor weddings. It is enough to hang a few gold-colored ornaments at several points, it is enough to create a luxurious and elegant impression.

2. Secret Garden

Secret Garden is one of the ideal outdoor wedding decoration concepts chosen by many brides and grooms. Because this unique concept is able to give the impression of being in a garden that is still beautiful. Coupled with decorations in the form of various green plants and colorful blooming flowers, it manages to provide a cool and soothing feel.

Thanks to its comfortable nuance, it makes guests feel at home there. As a result, the marriage took place in wisdom and everyone rejoiced in welcoming a happy day for the bride and groom. The shots from memory on the wedding day also look so charming, it’s only natural that this one concept is widely applied in outdoor Wedding venue bali.

3. Romantic Elegant

Marriage is a sacred event in which the two prospective brides will be declared legally married. The romantic atmosphere presented by the two brides will feel even thicker, when carrying out the romantic elegant decoration concept. Because this one concept will use a beautiful and fragrant flower arrangement as the main ornament.

The beautiful flower arrangements will be arranged in such a way, then placed in several corners of the wedding venue which looks intimate with various other supporting ornaments. While on the main stage, the final touch will be given in the form of a matching colored sofa that successfully gives a romantic impression.

4. Minimalist rustic

For couples who want to create a classy but simple impression, then choosing a minimalist rustic wedding concept can be the right choice. The simple and classy impression is generated from the addition of a white flower arrangement combined with a series of fresh green leaves.

While the minimalist impression is obtained from the addition of a backdrop made of wood, which combines with a soft sofa in gray or pure white that manages to make the atmosphere around it look classy. It is not surprising that this concept is widely applied in outdoor Wedding venue bali.

The concept of wedding decorations is no less important before holding the party, but there are still many couples who find it difficult to determine the right concept for their special day. But there is no need to worry, because you can use the wedding decoration ideas in the review above to welcome the happy day that has been coveted.

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